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The JOST Certified Dealer Program is a series of four online classes that train technicians to understand, maintain, service, and repair JOST fifth wheels. There are over 1 million JOST fifth wheels in operation worldwide. There are more than 400,000 JOST fifth wheels in operation in North America.

Certification benefits to dealerships and commercial repair facilities:
- Technicians are prepared to service and repair JOST fifth wheels.

- Repair facilities have the parts in stock to repair a JOST fifth wheel.

- Customers are referred to JOST Certified facilities by the 

       JOST Dealer Locator Tool.

Certification benefits to Fleets and Owner/Operators:

- Quick location of JOST Certified repair facilities using the 

        JOST Dealer Locator Tool.

- Repair facilities will have technicians prepared to service and 

   repair JOST fifth wheels.